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The most common mistakes made by the students and experts while writing their dissertations

Whether you are earning a DBA, PhD or other doctorate, your dissertation is vital for your doctoral degree program.   Therefore, awareness about the most common mistakes beforehand will make the process Swift. 

 I have summarized major issues based on my experience with more than 5000 theses and dissertations.  While preparing your dissertation you can use my tips to easily avoid these mistakes. 

1. Your dissertation has multiple formatting problems

 The formatting of your dissertation is equally important as its content.  By the time you write your dissertation, you should  also scan the documents that are provided by your University to check the formatting guidelines.  dissertation is a lengthy document and there are chances that you can commit mistakes. refer to the template provided in the program  and check for citation styles, indents,  page numbering,  margins,  font style,  font-size,  text alignment,  requirement of table of contents and the number of chapters. 

2. Your dissertation has common writing blunders,  jargon, grammatical errors and unclear paragraph organisation

 These are the most common mistakes committed by almost 80% of the research scholars.  Not every scholar is a professional writer and therefore many universities provide their students with writing guidance in the form of online or offline writing centres.  The staff in these centres help students in reviewing their work.  However,  most of the  research Scholars find it difficult to get reviews from the staff.  To deal with this issue, scholars can  use online tools like Grammarly to check every kind of grammatical error.  This is an easy-to-use tool that can help in addressing common writing blunders. 

3.Your dissertation is out of order, incomplete or its preliminary pages are missing

   preliminary pages include every page before the main text of the dissertation.  I’ve seen many scholars tempted to overlook the significance of these pages.  But remember that these pages set the tone for the entire dissertation . These are the first pages that the review was we’ll see. This is why it is important that the preliminary pages should be correctly formatted and are in the corrected order.  The Scholars must also check their program’s dissertation template instead of guessing how these pages should appear. 

4. Your dissertation includes words from proposal phase

 All the Scholars spend months  or even the years looking at the same document and this makes it surprisingly easy to overlook the changes in tenses with respect to the dissertation progress.  However, it is easier to fix this issue by using the “find”  feature from the document to find the words like “ proposal” or “ proposed.”  And The Scholars need them to change in the sense of a completed study. 

5. Your dissertation has plagiarism in literature review 

 I was taken aback when I heard many of my Scholars saying that Plagiarism is allowed in literature review.  Many of my scholars  were of the opinion that they cannot do literature review without copying because that is what literature review means.  However, any form of Plagiarism is an utter case of academic integrity violations.  In any section of a dissertation,  a scholar  cannot copy words to work from anywhere except for a prose.  even the ideas can also be pleasure arise if they are not cited properly. 

6. The Abstract of dissertation is longer than one page

 Many research scholars get excited after doing lots of research and they are eager to share their unique findings with everyone.  in that excitement they write a long abstract. However it is important to restrict the length of the abstract to one page. 

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