As we all know that academic writing is different from content or creative writing, the words used  in academic writing are quite different.  For most of these students, academic writing does not come easy. Academic writing requires acquiring skills that take many years to master. Many students do not really feel confident even until the postgraduate level. 

 If this is about you and you have come here to look for the Phrases and words to use in your essay, you are at the right place.  I’ve pulled together a list of important academic words that you can use in your thesis, dissertation or assignment.

 While your arguments and ideas should always be your own, you can borrow some phrases and words listed below for articulating your ideas more effectively and to ensure that you keep the attention of your reader right from the beginning to the end. 

 There are certain formalities that come with academic writing.  Conversational and casual phrases are not allowed in academic writing.  To get you started to polish your own academic writing ability, try to use the words from this list as a point of inspiration. 

Words that you can use in  your piece of academic writing.

The trickiest part of academic writing mostly comes at the start with the introduction.  An important point that you need to consider here is that your reader does not have any hint of your argument or topic, thus  the first sentence must summarize the arguments.  You then need to explain  the objectives and further structuring. 

  1. Considering; in view of; in light of

 These are the  phrases that are useful to start the essay.  It will help you post the argument on the basis of general concern or what other authors have said about the research.  This can also be used when your  sentences throw light on an argument. 

  1. Furthermore;  moreover;  what’s more;  in addition

 These are the academic phrases that are the most suitable for adding or expanding to a point that is already made without interrupting the flow. “Furthermore”, “ moreover” and “ in addition” are suitable linking phrases to start a new paragraph. 

  1. A  stated that;  according to A;  referring to the views of  A

 Introducing the views of an author who has detailed knowledge of a specific area of study is an important part of academic writing. To include a quote that naturally fits in the work is a struggle but the use of these phrases can solve the problem.

  1. Firstly; secondly; thirdly

 These are the words that sound obvious but they help in providing structure and clarity to the way in which you expose your ideas.  It is an effective way to present the facts clearly.  You don’t have to be rigid here by numbering each and every point. 

  1. to that end; in order to;  to this end 

These are the phrases that are important to  state the objectives and introduce explanation.  There will be times when you will have to prove your intentions towards achieving goals and using these phrases you can easily expand your sentences that provide  clarity to the readers. 

  1. Likewise;similarly; and equally significant aspect of ; another key factor to remember; as well as

 These are  the words that are the best choice to add information that complies with a fact or argument that is just mentioned.  In academic writing, it is relevant to involve the point of view  that details the opinion of the writer. 

  1. However; conversely;  on the  contrary;  whereas;  on the other hand

 These terms and phrases help in introducing another side of the argument.  In academic writing, it is hard to find a seamless method for presenting an alternative perspective or theory, but these Phrases and terms can help in introducing another argument. 

  1. In comparison; by contrast; that said; yet

 These phrases present uncertainty about points in research and compare and contrast facts. “ Yet” and “that said”,  specifically demonstrate the expertise of a writer on a topic by showing the limitations or conditions of the research area. 

  1. To put it more simply; in other words; to put it another way

 It is important to complement complex ideas in research work.  This can be done by using simple descriptions that can be done by using these phrases.  These are important academic phrases for improving continuity in essay and research writing.  These phrases should be used  for explaining a point that is already mentioned in a different way earlier.  But don’t use the phrases to repeat yourself. 

  1. Nonetheless; provided that; despite this

 These phrases help in demonstrating a positive aspect of the subject matter irrespective of the lack of logic, evidence, criticism or coherence.  This kind of information, expertise, and clarity to academic writing. 

  1. To exemplify; as evidence; to give an illustration of; for instance

 Top researchers are the ones that back up every single assertion made.   These are the academic phrases that are useful for introducing an example. If there are lots of examples, avoid  repeating the same phrase for facilitating the readability of the essay. 

  1. Significantly; importantly; another key point; notably

 Another way for adding contrast is by highlighting the significance of opinion or fact in the context of the research.  These academic words  help in introducing a paragraph or sentence that has a meaningful point in the research. 

After mastering the use of these academic phrases and words, I guarantee you will see an instant change in the quality of your essay.  The readers’ experience as well as the structure will also improve.  Furthermore, you will feel more confident in articulating the facts and using ideas.

If you still face any problem in academic writing feel free to book your one-on-one academic writing session.