top mobile apps for assignment writing

List of my favourite apps for making assignment writing easy

With the help of following applications, the life of the normal student will undoubtedly be free of unneeded problems. You’ll have complete control over everything, including how quickly you type your essays and how you save and share files with your peers. Also, keep in mind that if you need to take a little nap, you will almost certainly wake up on time thanks to the greatest alarm for your smartphone that we could locate. 


Evernote is a must-have programme for any student, as it may save you a great deal of time and allow you to concentrate on other things. Unfortunately, you will not be able to claim that your work was devoured by the dog you have at your residence. When you discover that your computer has crashed or that your USB flash drive is no longer functional, it is still for the best.

You no longer have to transmit all of the assignments to your personal email account because this app can be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices, as well as a variety of other platforms. Evernote automatically synchronises all of the materials you upload, allowing you to access any of your files from any device that has the Evernote app installed. The ability to share crucial information between users is another advantage of the tool.

It is a website dedicated to providing information on a wide range of topics. Something we’ve been using since childhood has been quickly transformed into an app, making it far more convenient and easier to use than before. Without a certain, all of the words we looked up made school a whole lot more interesting, and now we just have to see if we don’t forget the correct definitions for all of them. Yet, it will be just as valuable now, when you’re writing your assignment and you’re required to employ some difficult words in each and every sentence.

On the move, you can double-check your spelling and get examples of how to use your terms. Furthermore, it is available on Android, Apple, and Windows devices, making it an excellent choice for college students.

Dragon Dictation

Are you becoming tired of typing when you have to do your assignments in a short amount of time? Do you want to have your work typed by someone else so that you may feel like you’re a professional author? Then Dragon Dictation is just what you’ve been looking for. This application can literally listen in on your conversations and type all of the information down while you’re merely eating snacks or reading in your spare time. It is extremely exact in its language and is simple to alter subsequently. Its speed is also among the best, and it is even faster than a person typing, so you will save a significant amount of time by utilising this application. It is completely free to download and use on any device you like.

Sleep if you can

Sleep If You Can is one of the apps that can be really useful at night when you’re trying to pull an all-nighter but also want to take a nap in the middle of the night. Of course, there are occasions when you will not even wake up because you will simply push the snooze button till your alarm stops working. Then you remember that it is already morning and that you have to report to class… with an assignment that has not been completed, which will result in a failing grade.

When you utilise this application, you will almost certainly wake up since it will not switch off until you have completed a particular objective. Missions are usually completely random, and you may be required to jump numerous times or take a photo of something in your room in order to complete them. You will undoubtedly awaken and get a little more energised as a result of this. This application is available for download on both Apple and Android smartphones.

Cite this for me (Refme)

If you’ve ever had trouble obtaining references and citations completed, you won’t have to worry about it anymore as long as you have access to this incredible service through your mobile device. The only thing you have to do is take the book you’re now using and scan the barcode on the back of the book. You will have an instant reference created by the programme for you.

Apart from the fact that it is compatible with any device, including iOS and Android, it also includes a wide range of citation and reference styles, making it very difficult not to locate the one you require in their library. Furthermore, you can construct a personal library for yourself to make it easier to find anything you use on a regular basis.




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