Top tools to check plagiarism for free online

When someone else’s content is used without their consent, plagiarism is considered intellectual theft and fraud. It does not give any acknowledgment (either mistakenly or intentionally) to the original author of the work, which is unacceptable. Plagiarism is also defined as the unlawful reuse of previously published content and the passing off of that content […]

Top tools to find the best research papers for your research

When you begin your literature review, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of work that you will have to complete in order to complete it. You might as well be preoccupied with the question of where to begin in the first place. This post will look at many sources where you can locate (references […]

These dictation tools can help you do your essay in less than 2 hours

Yes you read it right! If you want to do a 1500 words essay then it wouldn’t be difficult for you to complete it within two hours, provided you’re done with your research. These tools are such a time saver and if you are lazy about typing then these are your best bets.  Nowadays, dictation […]

Top six tools to make referencing work hassle-free for you

It is critical  to acknowledge the person whose ideas we are incorporating into their work. Each and every writer’s  worst nightmare is the possibility of being accused of plagiarism. Trying to find some of the top free online bibliography and citation tools? Look no further. In this article, I’ll discuss the top 12  free online […]

List of my favourite apps for making assignment writing easy

With the help of following applications, the life of the normal student will undoubtedly be free of unneeded problems. You’ll have complete control over everything, including how quickly you type your essays and how you save and share files with your peers. Also, keep in mind that if you need to take a little nap, […]

The ultimate check-list for dissertation: Pro-tips and suggestions

 Several years of research have culminated in your thesis, which serves as the culmination of your PhD studies. You will receive the best dissertation guidance from your supervisor, committee, and fellow graduate students; nonetheless, here are a few pointers to get you started: 1. Establish a timetable. Specify when you want to complete each chapter […]

The Most Common Errors made by students and experts while writing dissertations

When you are looking for a topic and suitable research material, the first few days of thesis /dissertation writing might be extremely daunting. Once you have cleared these obstacles, you will be relieved that you have begun on the correct path. However, the road ahead is not without its difficulties, as you must be exact […]

Always confused between essay and report?: Read this guide and be confident forever

Throughout your degree, you’ll complete assignments with varying criteria, so it’s critical to know what you need to do for each one. We’ll look at the fundamental differences between reports and essays in this section. This page discusses the characteristics of academic reports and essays in general. You may use all of these features, a […]

How to write literature review for thesis or dissertation

A literature review is an examination of scholarly sources on a particular subject.  It gives you a broad perspective of current knowledge, helping you to spot pertinent ideas, methodologies, and research gaps. Finding relevant publications (such as books and journal articles), critically examining them, and summarising what you discovered are all part of writing a literature review.  There are five important stages to follow: Look up related material Examine the sources Determine the themes, arguments, and gaps. Create a blueprint for the structure. Prepare a literature review. A competent literature review does more than summarise sources; it also analyses, synthesises, and critically evaluates them to provide a comprehensive picture of the current state of knowledge on the topic. What is the purpose of a literature review? You’ll need to do a literature review to contextualise your research within current knowledge when writing a thesis, dissertation, or research paper.  The literature review provides you with the opportunity to: Demonstrate your understanding of the subject and scholarly context. Create a theoretical framework and research approach for your study. Place yourself in relation to other theorists and researchers. Demonstrate how your research fills a void or contributes to a debate. As a standalone task, you may be required to prepare a literature review.  The goal here is to assess the current level of research and exhibit your understanding of scholarly arguments on a given issue.Each case will have […]